So whatss’up guys, how are you ❤️? I am back with another new interesting and amazing video.
This is my first vlog video.

I lot enjoyed in YouTube Fanfest 2019 and I want to share my happiness and enjoyment with you by this vlog and guys because of some reason, I didn’t shoot all video but I given all Youtubers show(Videos) link Below ,so you can see their.

If you want to see all the video ,then you can visit to YouTube Fanfest Channel-:

To watch Redcarpet Live Show of YouTube Fanfest 2019:-

To watch Fanfest live show of all Youtuber:-

Opening and host of YouTube Fanfest Show by Jordindian:

1)Melvin Louis Show:-

2)AmandaCerny Show:-

3)Team Naach:-

4)RimoRao Vlogs:-

5)Neazy (Rapper):-

6)MJ5 :-

7) Technical Guruji:-

8) Nikhil Mumbaikar:-

9)MO Vlogs & Angry Prash:-

10) The Screen Patti & Girliyapa:-

11)Be YouNick :-

12)Ashish Chanchalani:-

13)Amit Bhadana :-

14)BB KI VINES (Bhuwan Bam with Karan Johar):-

15)Tony Kakkar:-


17)Sanam Puri and his Team:-

18)All Youtubers Finale:-

19)Lilly Singh (with Varun Dhawan)

Instagram :-

My second channel:-

My friend channels :-

1)Rajan Gupta:-

2)2nd channel of Rajan Gupta:-

3)Hirdesh haswani:-

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