We talk about what our future holds with a potential transfer ban, hypothetical good case and worse case scenarios about the ban and for the 2nd part, we discuss Sarri & Hudson Odoi


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  • Sarri can have the full summer to assess all of the loanees that are coming back and he can choose which ones can have a real impact on the team and which ones don't. Only ones I see having a future under Sarri are Zouma, Mount, Tomori, Reece James, Da Silva and Abraham. I trust Sarri and his process.

  • I have no faith in the board or the manager. I like Sarriball but can he use the youth? Maybe if we don't qualify for the champions league spots and we lose the Europa league and the court for arbitration of sport says NO. Maybe they (Sarri & the board) will see that alot of players need to be flushed and the youth and loanees have to be integrated. Maybe…

  • Spot on about new the possibility of potentially getting a worse manager. Honestly, what's anyone going to do next season given the scenario? Is Zidane going to do better than Sarri? At least Sarri has seen the youth at least. The only way I could possibly see it work is if we got Terry/Lampard with Morris, but what a risk that would be! What do you guys think?

  • Jo Tweedie using my twitter quote, 'I think Sarri is the right guy at the wrong time.' abuzzandaflutter
    If he had used some squad players and played the youngsters more, then I'd have more confidence going into next year, but I can't have faith in something Sarri hasn't done so far.

  • funny thing is sarri does the know the best, we dumbasses think we are all world class managers or coaches lol we need to shut the fuck up and trust sarri with our eyes closed if we r still struggling in 2-3 seasons than even i am sarri out at that point

  • Interesting vid. .you think that cfc would use there youth's more often as you said there been playing together and know each other . .. sence the premier league. We don't play as many up and coming players like we did..which does hurt. ..especially as youth team has won many cups….they say you can't teach and old dog new tricks .. but in this game . You have to. Sarri can easily play Hudson, Cheek , ampadu and others against middle or lower teams…just to keep them fresh and fit…..even if sarri plays the high earner. Give them a rest. ….against lower teams..and give the other a chance. Nice points. ..😊

  • I’m starting to think sarri is right about CHO, especially if CHO is on the same page, yes we’ve seen a couple 18 years olds turn out good w the hype but we we’ve seen a whole lot fail.

  • If CHO had Robben, Duff and Joe Cole infront of him then we and he would not be able to complain but he has Willian and Pedro at their worst part of their career in front. It’s pathetic from Sarri

  • Bakayoko is in no way suited to our passing game. I'd take RLC and Mount for the number 8, Kante and Barkley for number 6 with Jorginho and maybe try out someone like a Baker or Ampadu as backup regista.

  • C'mon niinii stop pretending to play devil's advocate. You're failing really bad there lol.

    You're a very very big sarri fanboi and that's ok. Don't pretend to be objective when you're not it's ok to be bias.

    You're reaching really hard when you mention big teams not playing kids and joe simply shot you down.

  • Sarri must of know this was going to happen . I think he will use are youth when he gets preseason with them and he can have a look at them all . Sarri is the man to do it

  • Hazard is what 29 years old, and worth at least €100 with his current contract. I’m not too sure if Madrid would want to part ways with a €100 for a 29 year old.

    This works to our favour and I’m confident he will stay coz when Madrid want a player they get him, Totti was the only exception so I think we should calm down his staying 😀

  • Time to use the loan army.

    Ethan Ampadu
    Andreas Christensen
    Kurt Zouma
    Reece James
    Ola Aina
    Mount Manson
    Tammy Abraham

    Let’s create Chelsea version of class 92.💪

  • You know what I secretly hope for?
    I hope that sarri is mainly using the veteran players to establish the system. And hopefully he begins to involve the youth more than now in his 2nd season where slowly seeing him integrate the proper players in the proper positions.

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