The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 16 Finale REVIEW – Snow Storm!

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  • I think the reason Ezekiel blames Daryl is because he pretty much started this conflict between the whispers and the kingdom. Ezekiel obviously won't want to blame on Henry for the conflict between the kingdom and whispers

  • I thought it was weird that everyone acted like this was the first time they have seen frozen walkers or the first time they have experienced winter in the apocalypse. The show has never shown winter before but the characters have all been through it many times, I mean it's like 9 years or something since the apocalypse started, right? Presumably winter comes every year. They should know how winter affects walkers. Why would they not have a stockpile of firewood and why would they not be cleaning their chimneys regularly? I am actually surprised there is still forest surrounding the settlements, right up to the walls. In real life, those closest trees would be the first ones chopped down for building and for firewood. Other things that bothered me: 1. Leaving the horses to freeze to death in the sanctuary, when horses are so valuable now that gasoline is non existent. 2. Lydia running around with her jacket not even zipped up. I know she was suicidal but nobody wants to die by freezing slowly to death. That shit is painful. Nobody would run around in a sub-freezing blizzard without zipping their jacket.

  • I would say this has been my least favourite of the seasons so far. I would hope that they are setting up for something big in Season 10. I found this season a lot slower and there are now so many characters that I found I stopped caring what happened to them. It's also a very different show without Rick as part of the group dynamics. I also found a lot of it quite predictable e.g. Judith runs off after Dog, Negan plays hero and rescues her and now appears to be good. Anyway, I have no doubt I'll end up eagerly watching Season 10.

  • There's no reason to blame Daryl.
    Henry was taken when he was within the compounds of the Kingdom – which is supposedly considered safe.

    His death was absolutely unexpected. Absolutely no reason to blame anyone in particular.

  • Hang on they came across those 3 walkers that were frozen and then as they get to the river crossing, those walkers that came out under the snow weren't frozen….
    Lazy story telling/logic at it's best i guess lol

  • Angela Kang told her story from episode 6-15… she used the 16th to wrap up everything and give her enough material for the 10th season. I didn’t have a problem with the finale and people who did only complain to complain.

  • WTF has happened to Walking Dead?
    You can look in ANY book on surviving the Zombie Apocalypse and it says ZOMBIES FREEZE.
    This show is a sad, BORING parody of itself. The Dead FREEZE when there is ice & snow. What the fuck.

  • At least Daryl smashed the Walker head with the butt as opposed to that S1/4 episode where he kind of swung the bow end like a bat and smashed a walker head that way. Good way to trash the mechanicals on that crossbow.

  • Damn, I never see negative comments but that’s messed up if people are complaining or calling you stupid.
    I love this channel. I think your views and your commentary are very interesting and you definitely know a lot about the show and the comic. So thanks for always giving your honest opinions.

  • You made several good points. I never thought about the parallel between Alden and Lydia's background; both coming from an "enemy camp" but both being accepted by the TF communities. (Well, I mean I think Lydia is being accepted by the Alexandrians. Carol held her hand on the road and it seems she was welcomed in the snowball fight.) You also pointed out Ezekiel's blame game …. again, I didn't think about how Henry had been left under his dad's watch! So yeah: Zeke may blame himself a bit but he's laying it on Daryl. And lastly, I'm glad Michonne came to her aha moment about being stronger together … she's probably regretting her reclusiveness, but better late than never. Like Helen Keller said: Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

  • Wait a minute…Walkers under the snow can move! But walkers above the snow are frozen stiff! WTF? Definitely not thought through on this one- The idea of using a White Walkers theory from The Game of Thrones wasn't well thought out, not unless there's a Dragon Cumming in Season 10- Episode 16 was simply the worst of writing a great story. Most previous seasons finales left the fans with much to talk about with suspense- This season 9 x16 really, really sucked.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and thought it a great end to this season. Thank you for your videos. I really enjoy them and what you bring us from what you see in the shows that often we don't. Please keep doing so. I do despair that some people these days can be so rude. There really is no need whatsoever. I don't know if they ever feel better saying these things, it certainly never feels like they do. Sad that they are such miserable toads and that is their life, very sad.

  • I don't feel Ezekiel is to blame either, Henry wanted to go to hilltop and there he met Lydia. Honestly hilltop is to blame, they had Henry locked down there for a while just for being drunk. I wouldn't go as far as to blame Daryl but he did intentionally have Henry and Lydia down there so he could eavesdrop on their convo and that's where the relationship started. There were a lot of moments that led to Henry's death.

  • Is it possible that Carol is partially blaming Ezekiel and also herself? She left Henry at the kingdom in Ezekiels care, so she kinda blames herself for not being there, and Ezekiel for not doing more? Maybe that is why she leaves to Alexandria and tries to give Ezekiel the ring back. Would also explain why Ezekiel is a bit hostile toward Daryl if Carol is a bit cold on him and friendly with Daryl. Anyway, ignore the negativity man, keep up the great work.

  • I still enjoy Fear I think its awesome yeah the top characters have been deleted which has changed the pace of the show but I hope they can connect the two shows I hope the voice is June.

  • The frozen dead are interesting tho..however, what are the levels of effect of the winter for the walkers? Some were stuck under the snow.. others still walking.. others were frozen stiff

  • 5:20 facepalm of course a pyscho path like that isn't going to think he's the bad guy but as the viewer you at least have to have the common sense to realise…. Yes, Negan was the bad guy through and through.
    There hasn't been one moment where Rick does something that you can say what the fuck Rick that was pure evil. Everything Rick has done has been almost justified, I say almost cause he could still choose not to but that's gonna risk his own life and those he cares about.

  • Some of these episodes feel like soap operas with a little princkles or action and heavy drama. Im very sure I dont like this tone for this show. This show was boring.

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