Chronicles the life of the late Pat Tillman, who walked away from a multimillion-dollar contract with the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals in 2002 to join the Army but died from friendly fire in Afghanistan.


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  • Pat Tillman did what many descendants of a military background would do to serve their country. I have a cousin who joined the army following her father's footsteps my uncle . Pat was marked 4 death so this "war on terror "can be glamorize to justified by the dedication & commitment of a NFL player who gave up a lucrative career therefore encouraging other young people to enlist 4 ' daddy's honor '. The NFL is part of this crap as well! Why did The Patriots won all those super-bowls? πŸ† theatrics that's why

  • I served 8 years active in the Infantry. Size did not, does not, make the soldier, or make him great.
    Heart is the biggest contributer.
    Without heart, and selflessness, muscle, weight, and height means nothing.
    A grunt unit is only as fast, strong, or smart as it's weakest member.
    You wont make it to an Infantry unit if you dont have the required physical conditioning.
    "FOLLOW ME."

  • Once you deal with any level of government you won't ever trust any of them. The news is just as guilty as the government in their lying, twisting, and manipulating truths. They're soldiers who die daily and are of no importance in how. The families think why is my son, brother, husband's life not as valued. The one's who murdered Tillman should be held accountable in some way. Dishonorable discharge at the least.

  • In our history class we saw a documentary called " All quiet on the Western Front. The documentary of how the soldiers talk about how devistating the war really is on them and there family members back home.

  • I know this story, the government use this young man to get America and Americans behind an illegal war against many countries that had nothing to do with 9/11 – to gain approval by the Bush administration needed him to be killed and killed by the mystery enemy. Yes, it's a shame that that false flag would be followed by another False Flag event, Tillmans death. So many people in the Military would not go along with that lie and those lies of an innocent man's life.
    They swore to protect the Constitution of the United States of America. We were let down.
    Tillman wouldn't have joined the Marines if he knew this and so many wars were started by False Flag events. People who killed him with so called friendly Fire, who were ordered to Kill Him should have gone to Prison.. and many of those orders came from Chaney's arm of deviants. There was NO AMBUSH BY THE TALIBAN. THE ONLY AMBUSH CAME FROM THE BUSH & CHENEY ADMINISTRATION. The story from the soldiers that were there , were all different, no one at first would tell the truth, but there were just a few Rangers that would not go along…go along with the lies.

  • Both my parents were about 20 when WW2 ended, married in 1954. They lived in Holland. I remember a story about my grand ma who said sternly to German soldiers:”Do not take my son to your war!” As they were picking up random young male ones to put to war labor from that part of her city. She managed to have the soldiers leave without him.
    I lived because of that grandma…

  • The Tillman family are the true heroes for bringing as much truth as possible to themselves and the American people. I'm sure they were told who was on that 50 cal. that killed their son. "A patriots duty is to protect his country from its' government"-Thomas Payne.

  • Americans self-entitle themselves too much into heroism. Even a good samaritan is called a hero when many just want to do good silently. Feel proud but sorry to the Tillman family. Yes, "Fuck the chain of commands, and theirs".

    Such American military mentality has repeatedly put themselves in public humiliation. Not that US lost Vietnam, Korean, and Gulf War and among other off-the-turf battles, US is only good at flexing muscles like a WWF wrestler/actor but does not know how to fight like a winning hero. Stop flexing muscles and arm dealing for money. Mostly, stop going out and kill people so more guns and weapons can be sold.

  • I would never let my kids today get into team sports in school, or send them to public school, (because they both ignore the individual), or join the Military service, (because we don't fight for individual liberty anymore).
    A tragic story of a young man full of potential as a individual, shot by his own team mates. Sacrifice for the team? Personally, I have better plans.
    His potential was sacrificed, and I guess that makes him a hero. RIP young man. I am sorry our altruistic value system destroyed you. He probably would have done much better things than end up on you-tube as a sad story of great potential lost for the good of the all.

  • The Jessica Lynch part of this doc is completely incorrect, there is a video on Joe Rogan with Andy Stumpf who was on the raid….. Andy is very critical of the military and even he never mentioned anything of this

  • "Losers and suckers" – President Putin's sponsored 45th *pOTUS Donald trump on vets. What was amazing when his comments became public knowledge was that nobody found the irony in a draft dodger opining on American vets. Not just American either, presumably Trump hold's this view on America's traditional Allies fallen soldiers.
    That the world esse so.ntially remains silent to the transgressions of this horrible man is astonishing.

    By far, Russia's most successful anti-American counter-intelligence operation ever interfering in the 2016 US presidential election for the benefit of Russia and Donald trump and to the detriment of most Americans and America; and likely to remain, forever.

  • it's really SHOCKING AND APPAULING the country "we" live in, fight for, stand up for AND defend…..all under the guise of "freedom…" just how "free" are we REALLY???? when the government has been lying it's ass off to ALLLLL for god only KNOWS how long??? and as if the information brought forth in this isn't bad enough-–let's put KING LIAR in the big chair and ALLOW him to lead "us" to places we've never been and may never come back from EVER….what a swell idea!!! i saw bush day after DAY!!! week after WEEK—telling ANYONE who would listen!!—-wmd's wmd's wmd's everybody!!! they're here—-there—no wait over here and it was all a farce!!!! HE paved the way for what's happening right now —- to happen. hell if he can do it, anybody can but nobody remembers what him and his buddies DID to this country and that will NEVER make any sense to me as look where "we" are NOW—–aren't "we" GREAT????? 20,000 LIES and counting and people suck it up like it's a lifeline!!!! WHAT AM I MISSING????

  • to the Tillman family my heart goes out to you as well as those families of the fallen and to hear that traitor spew his hypocritical crap to all the world at that ball game makes me sick and taints what Pat and so many others laid their lives down for! i too loved Pat growing up playing ball hated it when he made my trojans or bruins look like armatures but thats how special he is! and always will be he was fun to watch and when he was drafted then leaving to serve blew my mind that he would leave the money to be treated like this but thats the government! were useless eaters in their eyes we can see that today RIP Pat you are the epitome of the American Spirit thank you for you service & sacrifice from 1 human to another.

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