What are some of the strangest things Michael Jackson actually owned? Would it be all the paintings of himself that he had throughout his home? And what’s the REAL story behind the hyperbaric chamber anyways?! Find out about that and more in this video!

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Here are some of the CRAZIEST things Michael Jackson actually owned! Wait until you hear the REAL story about Michael and his hyperbaric chamber!
12 – Edward Scissorhands
How much stuff does someone have to be on to come up with a story of a dude with scissors for hands? And who’re the execs who actually said okay to the project?! Well, apparently when Tim Burton comes calling, and he gets Johnny Depp to sign on, ANY idea is good. The risk paid off because the film made almost 90 million dollars on a budget of 20 million.
Edward scissorhands came straight out of Tim Burton’s imagination. Surprisingly, the story of a guy with scissors for hands was something people were into. Unsurprisingly, The movie also won the Academy awards for best makeup. And Michael was one of the people who LOVED Edward Scissorhands. And when he’s someone with a bank account that had a lot of commas, he bought the iconic scissor gloves right away. Allegedly, Michael had expressed interest in playing Edward Scissorhands, but Tim Burton wasn’t having it. To be honest, it would have been a totally different movie!
11 – Macaulay Culkin collectibles
If there’s ONE person with Macaulay Culkin collectibles, that person would have to be Micheal Jackson. You guys remember Home Alone? That’s what made Macaulay Culkin a household name, juuuuuust in case you didn’t know. Guess how much money Home Alone grossed?! 476 million dollars! And it only cost 18 million dollars to make!
It might have been a little weird for most people since there was a 22 year age difference between Michael and Macaulay Culkin. But, Macaulay Culkin did come out and say that Michael was one his quote, “legit best friends”. He said that Michael was his best friend for a stretch of his life growing up.
And no, Culkin said nothing weird happened between them. Just like any good friend, he was supportive of Culkin’s professional endeavors. Apparently, he used to pay whatever money was charged for Home Alone collectables. He bought signed tapes, posters and even a finger painting made by Macaulay Culkin as a sign of their friendship.
10 – Batsuit Michael
DC Comics fans Unite! Or is that something only Marvel fans are supposed to say? Anyways, the greatest pop icon was a big Batman fan. He was such a huge fan that if it wasn’t for his tough concert commitments and busy schedules, he would’ve definitely worked as a music composer and singer for the iconic 1989 Batman movie.
He even expressed his desire to play the Riddler in the 1995 Batman Forever movie. So it really shouldn’t surprise you by him showing his love for the Batman franchise with a statue of Batman with him underneath the mask. A little weird maybe? Or is this just Michael being Michael?
Here’s another interesting story. According to Stan Lee, in the 90’s Michael wanted to buy the rights to Spiderman. Why? Just so he could star as Spiderman in a Spiderman movie!
9 – Pied Piper Michael
Michael Jackson was a global star and for a lot of his life, he was probably the most famous celebrity at that time. However, Michael was still quite mysterious. In case you didn’t know it, he also used to love shopping. He would roam around museums and expensive auctions in order to find expensive stuff that he could buy.
The paintings he collected were collectively valued at a whopping $900 million dollars. However, there WAS one oil painting he owned that definitely turned some heads. It was a painting of Michael Jackson himself, leading a group of kids…..somewhere. just like the Pied Piper. The painting was basically the Pied Piper as Michael Jackson.
Let’s just say….it’s not a good look considering all the stories that came out about Michael. Well, at least in Michael’s mind, he was doing good for the world and it shows here that he wanted to portray that in a painting.


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