Enigmatic Music 2017 (New Song) New Age music album. An intense experience. The Enigma Shinnobu Fourth Volume of the Enigmatic Music Album Series. The Enigma IV Chillout 2017. This Album, go through a range of emotions that accompany us during each song. explores all corners of the universe, mental powers. notes and frequencies of carefully composed sounds between each of the songs on this album. a trip to infinity. dreams of flying. this album includes Gregorian chants, meditation and Relaxation that took us to a journey to the depths of the mind and other dimensions full of peace, serenity, harmony. of the imagination, of the sub-real. Music of light. Available in all online stores. as well as in spotify google play music yandex etc
1. After of my Life
2. Gregorian Recordare
3. Intense Experience
4. Seventh Heaven
5. A door to Eternity
6. Divine Ascension
7. Onix Mortis Monks
8. Signus Dei
9. Moment of Peace
10. Elementals Monks Hymn


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