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  • With The Conspiracy Against Michael Jackson [Revised] is what i LOVE to see . it says what we already knew but now it has been proven One More Step Forward For Michael ! All of these people that believe that Michael Jackson could do something as sinister as this is someone that has '' NEVER '' liked Michael Jackson for one reason or another .. My guess Michael's Generation of fans just kept coming ! There was no age requirement for Michael Jackson fans ! Another Generation Of Fans For Michel Jackson Were Born And Michael Welcomed Them As Others Resented Michael For Having The Talent For All Ages Of Fans And They Were All Retired ! !! Even 10 Years after Michael Jackson's Death Fans Won't Let His LIFE And LEGACY Be Tarnished With LIES ! i just found this '' Corey Feldman Says He Was Possibly Groomed By Michael Jackson '' — supposed to be Michael's Friend .. he said he was Michael's type '' cute '' what mirror is he looking in ? and blonde … using Michael's name to sell books i believe .. Michael 's Evidence is finally getting people to realize that these people are lying and here comes Corey Feldman — another person with his hand out ! he is disgusting using Michael's name after saying Michael Was A Good Friend and Insisted that Michael was innocent at least with him and he knew Michael wouldn't do anything like that ! Corey saying he was a child that had been sexually abused and as an adult is an advocate in child protection who speaks for abused children . I Guess That Means Take ADVANTAGE Of Michael Jackson's Name After Michael Has Been Deceased For 10 YEARS And PROVEN INNOCENT !! Let's Show Corey Feldman why he '' SHOULD NOT MESS WITH MICHAEL JACKSON ''

  • This is excellent! Because I am older I remember these videos and these people trying hard way back when to destroy šŸ‘‘MJ šŸ‘‘. They won't stop but I know he is innocent!

  • If this happened in the me too era. no investigative journalism would happen. no one would fly out to Canada to investigate. we would just be expected to believe the "victims" stories.

  • Here, in the news, they say they are about to eliminate Michael Jackson's name from a school in Los Angeles. It is true?
    I can not believe it. This is too much… šŸ˜”šŸ˜”
    šŸ‘‹šŸ¼ Saludos, Islas Baleares Spain

  • We all know it's a conspiracy.

    You also need to include the tweet from Cory Ripley, an impersonator who was offered about half a million to pose like MJ and pretend he was harming kids. He had the integrity To refuse, makes you wonder how many more were paid to lie about him in one way or another.

    Diane Dimond, Oprah, Geffen, all the journalists, his business associates, media houses, Weinstein, Tom Sneddon, Shaffel and all the accusers and people that surrounded MJ are all in on it in one way it another.

    There are also reports that the Canadian boy was coached by Diane Dimond and John Templeton with the facts they got during the 93 Neverland raid; but in the video uploaded here Dimond used her opportunity as a journalist to twist it and put it only on John to avoid being convicted because at that time MJ had a lawsuit against her and her NAMBLA friend Victor Guitterez.

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