In response to some of the comments made on this video here’s some disclosure. These guys aren’t from Norway. It’s Parody Project in costumes. To support our work please visit

Music – Traditional Norwegian Melody
Lyrics by Don Caron

We’re happy about our country, thanks
and its praises are well-sung now
We’re one of the richest on the globe
here we take care of old and young now

the finest care is for all of us
disregarding annual income
We have respect and we’re treated thus
we protect ourselves and then some

The poor and the wealthy blend quite well
education is for all, oh
the progeny of the plumber sits with
those of the CEOs, oh

we strive for equal opportunity
human rights and gender equality
Norway is the happiest country
with lives of the highest quality

You profit from the plight of your elderly
and spend the most on health care
but your system comes in last each time
things don’t seem to ever improve there.

You rob the young of their future pay
funneled into your corporations
they leave their schools on the final day
with indebted complications

We resisted Nazi Germany
we built a system based on people
We have no need for your racist creed
Or your neo-nazi sheeple

Just because we are mostly white
doesn’t mean you are our brother
We don’t fit in with your whitewash plan,
we’re accepting of all colors

But we know that you excel
at certain things in the the USA, now
It’s only fair to acknowledge these
So we’ve one last thing to say, now

We’re aware that you are number one
for . . . for . . . citizen incarceration
You also landed in first place
for. . .
the most breast augmentation


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  • LOVE IT!!! Keep up the wonderful work for it is one of the only things that keeps me going since that fateful day in January 2017. The late night comics are another refuge of hope and sanity for me. Again, THANK YOU!!!

  • Don, I am simply amazed by the number of Americans who beleive that socialism and communism are one in the same. In reality, the world has never seen a "true" communist nation. Those who call, or have called, themselves communists are nothing less than Fascist Dictatorships, ( with the exception of, possibly, Vietnam ),! They are a far cry from Karl Marx's vision of communism, where industry is owned by all of the people and the wealth is distributed equally. In my opinion, this can never exist until, or if ever, mankind rids itself of greed. Clearly, the GOP is partly responsible for this campaign of propoganda. Far too many people in our country fail to understand that a nation is made up of both a political system and an economic system. And that both of these systems are interchangeable. Don, please correct me if I am mistaken, but from my understanding, Norway has a democratic political system with a freely elected Parliment ( I believe that Norway still retains a King, however his powers are limited to that of Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces ). Private ownership of industry still exists, thus giving the people a reason for expressing their creativity and the drive to advance in their chosen carrers, but it is heavily regulated by the freely elected government. Furthermore, industry is made to pay it's "fair share" of taxes, thus freeing up the money that is needed to take care of the essential needs of all of it's people! Hence, Norway has an socialistic economic system.
    On the other hand, a country which has an economic system built on capitalism,

    with just enough social programs to make the people feel like the government cares for them and in order to stifle an uprising of the masses, such as The United States, private industry and the "democratic" political system of government are intertwined. The government gives large tax breaks to industry and the wealthy, fights wars as a method of keeping profitable foreign markets open for American goods, etc. All at the same time, creating an ever growing gap between the haves and the have nots. Adam Smith's economic system of capitalism is, by and large, built on greed and lacks the essential element of humanity. The one element that is necessary in order for "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" to prevail!
    The people of the United States must realize that this country could, simultaneously, have a democratic political system and a socialistic economic one. Only in this way can America be a true, "Beacon of Light to the World!" Don, your input would be much appreciated!

  • " the context of the Nordic model refers to a set of policies for promoting economic security and opportunity within the framework of capitalism."
    The Nordic model of public education, health care and also church paid by people's tax money dates back to the 1600s.

  • Bravo!  Just like the British officer in "It's A Mad, Mad World" — "What is it with you Americans & your great obsession with bosoms?  I swear, I sometimes think that if your women were to stop wearing their brassieres, your entire economy would come to a screeching halt!"  Plus, you gentlemen have done an most excellent spoof on Stormy Daniels – an overdone silicon job if their ever was one.

  • breast augmentation – Best praise to daughter doer deplorable don. Look around porny horny syphilis 71 year young donny boy has done more than most and all kinds including playmate but definitely numero uno when it comes to racky blondies

  • Funny, although it is surprising to see Norwegians so brainwashed regarding Trump and the way the things are here, although Norway was among the first to stop contributions to Clinton criminal Foundation after she lost. While Australians not only has stopped contributions but are trying to bring their authorities to accountability for the illigals mishandling of the state funds for questionable purposes and money laundering. Don't be the last in a line for clintons and Co trial, Norway

  • Uh, this is a Song For The United States, and as a US born citizen I wholeheartedly agree with every word.

    But other than using President Trump as some nonsensical, irrelevant jumping-off point to inspire your song, it has literally zero to do with him.

    How in the world do you make the gigantic, bizarre, entirely obtuse, illogical, automatic, peurile, shortsighted leap & fallacy that he created all continual, long term, ongoing bad issues & sins in the US?? At least try to make sense in an intelligent, relevant way, rather than giving in to the tired old song & dance of lazily, conveniently projecting every culturally messed up issue in our nation onto Trump. Sigh. Yawn.

    Trump an honest, accurate comment about some downtrodden nations, was misquoted by our inflammatory yellow "journalists" (propagandists on the payroll of globalist culture/nation-destroyers). Good for him. He's a real, relatively honest, flawed, amazing human being, trying to do an exceedingly hard job. Be supportive or aim your thoughts squarely at the culprits throughout US & world history in an intelligent, accurate, honest way.

  • This one is by far the best in my opinion. I don't think I'm alone in saying I miss having a president that is educated in political law! And world affairs! And courteous and thoughtful too other countries and the people that inhabit them around the globe. Obama didn't need Russia's help to win! And he's not under investigation for having served his 8-year commitment to America! Elected two X without Russian interference. Keep up the good work folks. Peace to all!

  • Great! As a citizen of the USA and an Army veteran, first I laughed, then I cried. We are in a deep hole, socially and economically and now through the new tax plan we are borrowing another Trillion dollars most of which goes to the very rich. I remember when I was proud of what my country did, playing a major role in winning WWII and, most importantly winning the peace by helping to rebuild the nations of our former enemies. Like the American flag over Ft. McHenry, my pride is still there, but it is severely tattered and shredded by our failures since.

  • As a native born American I can tell u that "augmentation" was a wrong choice of words. I doubt your typical republican would even know what the word means – too many syllables for a republican.

  • Hey parody can you do one to one of rev dr martin Luther king speeches concerning love if mankind? Plz let me know if you do. I work a lot and don't get much time to follow. This was the first i heard of you. Peace out

  • 😂😆 oh my gosh I am so happy this popped up on my list of videos to watch. Thank you for this!! New subscriber too, sending a link to my son as well – he will love this too!

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