The Seaside Kingdom Hint Art Moon is one of the most obscure in the entire game with just the word KEEP written on it with a Power Moon above the first E. Luckily, we’ve just been to the Kingdom that it relates to, so you can simply follow along with our latest walkthrough video to see where you need to go and what you need to do when you get there to get the Moon.

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If you haven’t already completed the main objectives in Seaside Kingdom, you can check out our introductory walkthrough at It doesn’t show you how to solve the Hint Art clue, as we hadn’t spotted it on our first run through, but it does show you how to get make it through the main objective and pick up the Power Moons you need to move on to the next Kingdom. You can also check out our boss walkthrough at to see how to beat the huge octopus terrorising Seaside Kingdom.

You’ll find the Hint Art clue next to the odyssey on a slightly raised ledge above the sand and it just gives you the word KEEP with a Power Moon above the first E. As we’ve recently been to Metro Kingdom, it was the place the sprang into mind first, so head there and take the electricity wire down to the main entrance. Directly in front of you in the middle of the road you should see the words CLEAR KEEP, which is a sure sign that something is off and if you ground pound in the place just above the first E in KEEP then you’ll be home free.

This will give you the Found with Seaside Kingdom Art Moon.

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