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0:00 Introduction
0:57 Talking about Emiways’s shoutout
2:04 Reacting to the Awein Hai video
6:45 Discussing the video
8:58 Reacting to the Khatam video
13:10 Discussing the video
15:05 Why I respect Raftaar
16:20 Our discussion on who is better
17:17 Our request to viewers
18:00 Discussing score

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(The music clip in this video is taken from Emiway Bantai Khatam Official Video and Raftaar Awein Hai which is available on Emiway Bantai and Raftaar’s youtube channel respectively. They are both famous diss track/song from Emiway and Raftaar)

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  • Here's information about beef between emiway and divine.
    [[One advice if you are gonna react to this then pause video as many times as you can bcoz there are alot of references and words plays. Everyone will love it and don't worry the links i have provided have subtitle and also explanation about references bcoz it has some reference of emiway vs raftaar battle so you will love it]]
    As you guys know Emiway diss divine in samaj me aaya kya song but then everything was sort between them but again divine used some subliminals at emiway in some songs, hence emiway also did same. 2 months ago divine poked emiway on his Insta live that anyone can machayenge (which means famous or blow up on YouTube and also it is emiway's song) on YouTube and real artist can be determined by streaming numbers. And this was target towards emiway. To understand more check this video
    Emiway diss him in song called
    (Plz use these links coz these have English subtitles)
    1. Hard (emiway ) https://youtu.be/9-YmtwUfoVU
    2. Chabbi wala bandar( divine ) https://youtu.be/gwEQf_BsClU
    3. Sach bol pata (divine) https://youtu.be/nQkKKL6bhyA
    4. Gully ka kutta (emiway) https://youtu.be/N3A4k9woo1w

    By the way now there beefs is sort so they are on good terms

  • Search Rohan Carriapa revisit on Raftaar vs Emiway beef … He is a neutral critic and you will know who was better in all this beef … Don't listen to these Emiway pans (pans because they all are dumb fans of Emiway surfing around without any logic )
    And by the way one thing also they are not telling is correct chronology of beefs because they wanted you to react to beefs in which Emiway had a upper hand i.e Divine v/s Emiway … But not the beef in which Emiway got lyrically murdered ….
    Correct chronology is
    1. Raftaar v/s Emiway beef
    2. Emiway v/s Kr$na beef
    3. Kr$na + Harjas + Raga v/s Muhfaad beef
    4. Emiway v/s Divine beef
    Also some good side beefs are
    Rob C v/s Fotty Seven
    Muhfaad v/s Raga (Part 1)
    Do listen to talented rappers like
    Brodha V

  • Paaji whatever you told about raftaar was all good but if you see Emiway is also from kerela and born in Mumbai. He dint go commercial he made himself a brand. Where as Raftaar was spoon feeded by Manj paaji. Emiway just did a song with paaji they called him upfrontly as a good gesture he was only 20 that time. Emiway Emiway Har haga charha hai jo chayga he. #Bantaipublic❀

  • bro react on krshna vs muhfaad diss battle. one of the best lyrically diss battle in indian hiphop.
    so i m going to tell u story about beef
    1-) muhfaad was very close friend of raftaar and they did a song together named (saare kro dab) muhfad is not haapy about his verse in the song because he wants to start the song
    2) there is a show named mtv hustle in which raftaar is a judge in which all the big rappers comes to do a cameo and muhfaad is not invited in this.
    3. in an interview muhfaad said something about krshna and krshna don't like it
    then finally muhfaad release a light diss track against raftaar named (happy diwala) plz don't react on because actual beef starts from
    1 krshna – untitled
    2 muhfaad- bitch i m god
    3 krshna maharani
    4 muhfaad moksh
    5 muhfaad aelaan
    6 muhfaad dusshera
    7 krshna ma kasam
    8 muhfaad bhoot banega
    note: this beef is insane like most lyrically beef ever for your information the breakdown of last song takes 52 minutes of rohan cariappa. plz react to.it
    and u guys also get reach by doing this.
    FYI:- muhfaad is the one who introduced emiway to raftaar and when emiway diss raftaar muhfaad also release diss track against emiway. And raftaar doesn't even share it thet is also one of the reason for this diss battle

  • She is more smart than paajii …. I mean seriously … I know you are big fan of Raftaar .. but that doesn't mean u always take his side… I don't like it Paaji .. πŸ™ emiway give you shoutout n that's why I subscribe your channel… But right now I'm going to unsubscribe it … πŸ˜”

  • React on kr$na and muhfaad beef
    1st song- Happy diwala ravaan by muhfaaf
    2nd song- untitled by kr$na
    3rd song-bitch I'm a god by muhfaad
    4th-maharani by kr$na
    And then muhfaaf dropped 3 diss back to back then kr$na replied with a song name makasam then muhfaad replied bhoot banega and instagram live both songs please react

  • Raftaar was always into commercialising his music and moved into making Bollywood music and then tv shows to increase his popularity but Emiway has learnt his art n craft and became a rap artist purely based on his grind, hard work n the passion he has to create music and experiment with his style and always willing to improve and still stay independent despite his growing popularity. Add to it the guy was rejected on a reality tv show judged by so called Bollywood stars who felt he had no talent and now you can see where Emiway has reached. That's an amazing and inspirational journey which has just started and a long way to go πŸ€˜πŸ»βœŒπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  • Ya u right man in India also people just enjoy on beats rather than lyrics
    That's y so many talented and sick lyricist are not famous
    It's feel bad when people listen rap just for beats
    Like aaunga jaunga sbko chutiya banuga shit and miss the underrated lyricist of hip-hop
    Btw nice reaction 😊
    U both looks cute πŸ’•βœŒοΈ
    Hope it will change in future

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