The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi addressing the Nation on the launch of Swacch Bharat Mission, at Rajpath, in New Delhi on October 02, 2014.


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  • i am not from India, but i support Swachh bharat Abhiyan with my whole heart. Where i come from, that is Sweden, its very clean, and fresh air, and we have a very good waste management. I actualy have a sogestion for using dustbins and cans: when it will overflow, lets say when it can't take no more, a kind of tecnology should be develleped so that when it overflows, it will burn the moment it has reached its peak, and then you guys can use it for energy. same is for using the toylet, when we have finished and flushed everything down the drain, that same concept can be aplyed. Just like you guys using cow dung for energy, why can't we use our own for the same? its just my sujestion for this mission. I know that it will take time for peoples habit to change, mind you old habits die hard, and there are still people who are quite stuburn to keep the rubbish pile just growing larger and larger, but even i want peoples mentality to change also, and i know that we can change it. Remember how you guys allways are sireous about keeping your houses clean? well let me tell you something: Think of India as your own house, that is the concept you guys need to bring from outside the house in to the streats and lains, and when you all are quite strict about keeping your homes clean, why not expand it to the outside also? I know that the change is slo, but i just feel that while speeding it up, maybe you guys can reach the deadline a little bit earlyer. so therefor I am asking you all to envite those who have not joined the mission yet, and educate them about higene. as i sed, old habits die hard, but lets start waking up and change India! Next year 2019 on Gandhi Jayanti the deadline will be reached, so i am requesting you all to please keep the mission going, and don't stopp even if the deadline is reached, so that next time if i may come to India as a tourist, it will be to a clean and shining and sparcling India with no Stinking garbage heeps on the roads and no open defication on the streats ither. I am not Narendra Modi, but i also want to raze my voice for this mission. So, what are you weighting for? don't sitt there and weight for the gouvernment to clean up the mess you made, start clean it up yourself! start aducating everyone atleast those who still have not joyned the mission yet, about the importance of cleanlyness. As they say Cleanlyness is godllyness. and that is what i want to tell you all. This is my letter to the Indian people that don't stopp after the deadline, but instead keep a close check on everyone to make sure they are not throwing anything or litttering on the roads. So that is what i am going to say about this mission, and that's all. thank you for your time of reading this long comment, but i hope you have got something out of this. Thank you and Hello from a Persian woman from Sweden: Nicki Rafiei.

  • सरजी हम भी पूरी लगन ओर तनमन से भारत को स्वच्छ बनाने में पूर्ण अपनी सेबा दे रहै है निशुल्क !मोटिवेटर धर्मेंन्द्र कौरब जि,नरसिहपूर म,प्र,

  • Thank you Narendra Modiji for such a wonderful message. The speech delivered by you Sir in US was spectacular. I was really waiting for that moment. And it was up to the mark. What i felt was that you were talking from the bottom of your heart. Sir, please fulfill all your promises. Because now all the Indians have high expectations from you. Never ever fail our expectation. I really pray to God almighty to give you all the strength required to perform your duties honestly and diligently.

  • Sir, to make this movement FULLY SUCCESSES pl made responsible the area PARSHAD/PANCH for followup in cooperation of residents of his area to keep CLEANLINESS sustainable 

  • On October 3, as I was at India gate for morning walk saw this pile of garbage right where people were walking. Could not go past this ignoring the filth, mainly empty medicine bottles, how can people be so insensitive? Looked for polythene, there was none around so looked for it in garbage bin found a newspaper and a polythene, used these to collect the bottles and transport them to the bin on the side. So much of filth even nearby, identified many places were immovable bins should be placed. The video I took of the state of India Gate road and clean up. Swatch Bharat mission

  • Mr. Modi is going to attain legendary status with his out of the box ideas.For they are not just ideas but a message of conviction and passion to make INDIA (mera BHARAT) a true superpower, that the world doesnot just take note of but admires us well. Jai Hind!!! 

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