philippine sends 5 – philippine ready for w4r: philippine sends 5,000 troops to fight malaysian troops in sabah bay.
us sends troops to help philippine from china invasion on island adjacent to south china sea… as many of you know the philippines is my favorite country in the world and my second home!… the philippine foreign minister emphatically stated that “if malaysia takes control of the sabah by sending its troops in an attempt to claim ownership of the sabah then the philippines is ready to fight by sending its best troops to fight the malaysian troops. the philippines sends 50,000 military to sabah that does not belong to malaysia.
high alert: europe help philippines and us send combat troops to fight china in south china sea. philippines sends 2 protests to prc re south china sea. philippines to send back 500 chinese tourists who came from wuhan.


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  • Affecting bilateral relationships between the two countries doesn’t exist when it comes to Philippines Sovereignty of Sabah which Malaysia took advantage Sabah for decades Philippines can only put asides any problems in the country to concentrate more of personal problems of the country is facing it before that is the culture of Filipinos I would be disgraced if I’m Malaysian Sabah is only rented with them by Sultanate of Sulu with peanuts of money then stopped paying because the United Nations told them so then now the lease is expired already Malaysia start doing suggesting Sabah own by them I’m getting sick of this Malaysia it will never finished this issue of Sabah till Brunei get involved to be a mediator as I always said to present their case in International Law the proper way to do if Malaysia won’t be able to proceed in Int. Law the case never be resolves it becomes dormants with Malaysia still squatters in Sabah desperate to own it but it never gonna happened at all Philippines couldn’t resist it to get Sabah back

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