“Artifishal is a film about people, rivers and the fight for the future of wild fish. It explores wild salmon’s slide towards extinction, the threats posed by hatcheries and fish farms and our continued loss of faith in nature.

Patagonia will be showing their new film at Fellinis Cinema in Ambleside on June 21st. Join them and speakers Alistair Maltby and Corin Smith to find out more about how we can all help to save wild salmon and their rivers.”

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  • Fisheries hatcheries are a temporary solution to feeding the entire planet a high protein diet. Unfortunately they eventually genetically self-destruct their fish with a “survival of the least fittest” requirement. Any wild fish genetically mixing with this reverse survival requirement must then eventually also self-destruct along with them. Any whale population dependent on a self-destructing prey must then eventually self-destruct. Feeding the entire planet hatchery fish will therefore have the unintended consequences of eventually starvating the whales to death.

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