Audio Team :-

Story And Dialogue- Amit Bhadana
Singer/Composer – Ikka
Lyrics – Ikka/Amit Bhadana
Music – Byg Byrd
Mixing And Mastering Engineer – Byg Byrd
Recording Engineer – A Shock (Bassholics)

Video Team :-

Artist- Amit Bhadana
Written By- Amit Bhadana
Directed By- Inflict
Concept By- Amit Bhadana/Inflict
D.O.P- Ashish Rai
Assistant DOP- Vishal Anand
Produced By- Amit Bhadana
Project By- Arun Tanwar
1st Assistant Director- Shubh Thakur
2nd Assistant Director- Akshat Bhargava

Offline- Brian (Postmaster)
Online- Nadeem Akhtar (Paperboyz)
Colorist- Bhushan
Vfx- Sudhanshu & Sajidanand

Kreative productions
Line producer – Aron Paharia/Aadesh gola
Production manager – Ayan khan
Make up & Hair – Govind & Team
Stylist- Anushka Gunjal
Facility Boys – Raj & team
Art Director – Shekhar and Ashish Moudgil
Lights – True light
Camera – Java motion pictures
Studio – Studio 269 & Laxmi studio
Catering – Rich food
Casting – AR film

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The mashup is not edited by me, only the 8d effect is done by me, i don’t own this song and any material in this video, if you are the real owner of the music and you have any issues about this video please contact πŸ“₯

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