This video is all about new project of Barun Sobti. Upcoming music video of Barun Sobti ๐Ÿ˜


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  • In this video only barun is best. May b this video n thee gal might b popular but its just bos of barun. Bos v saryn fans love only barun. Iff that gal think she wl b poupulr thn she is mistaken bos she can never b popular with barun n she doesnt suit fir barun n thy make a worst n horrible couple. Only sanaya suit well n perfect with barun n only sarun(sanaya n barun) make a remarkable n iconic n magical couple for ever n thy r ever green cuople who stil resides in fans heart. So i just hate this video. I just lk barun n sanaya togther. I hope evn sarun fans understand this. This is gal doesnt fit with barun not evn in dreams.

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