First on “CBS This Morning,” Michael Jackson’s family is speaking out about sexual abuse allegations against the singer in an explosive new HBO documentary premiering this weekend. In “Leaving Neverland,” Wade Robson and James Safechuck claim Jackson abused them for years when they were children. Jackson always denied any inappropriate behavior with children. Gayle King spoke to Michael Jackson’s brothers Jackie, Marlon, and Tito, as well as his nephew, Taj.

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  • Why don't my idols get sued over and over again? They are also rich? Where are those money hungry attention seekers with any other celebrity? If getting money would be that easy, I am damn sure this would be more common. MJ has been accused of molesting kids for 20 damn years, and this is the 3rd time these "money hungry attention seekers" appear. isn't that a bit weird at least? wouldn't you slowly start to think that maybe, just maybe it could be true? yet no one believes that. That to me is just amazing. It is a sign of human's stupidity.

  • There is all ready proof some of there story is a lie. More and more will come out they are lying they have no shame I fell for the family and Mj's kids having to go through this.

  • "Gails "media-motivated" line of questioning could be viewed as a molestation of the mind. Gee i hope not. And tell your side kick she would annoy the audience if they cared enough to listen."

  • Shame on you, Michael was a sick dividual! He needed help, He built a amusement park to bring in children just like a predator does.
    The man who held three women captive for half a century brutally abusing and raping them on and on going basis. No one could believe that he did that as well because everyone thought he was a nice man. That’s what they do, they groom you! SO SAD

  • I don't believe those men are telling the truth, because if so they should have said it when Michael was alive instead years later when he's not here to defend himself. Michael won his case. You some of B*****let him rest in peace. It's all about money. Their cowards.

  • I get why they don't want to watch the documentary but until they watch it I believe they forgo the right to criticize it. If those two men were lying in the film then they deserve an oscar, not once did any part of either of there stories seem the least bit ingenuine. Michael Jackson is one of my favorite artists of all time and at the same time in light of this new evidence, he was undoubtedly a pedophile.

  • There is NO MONEY. He was forced to do another world tour because he needed money badly to keep Neverland running, forced to live in a rental home when he died penniless. He owed more & over spent for years prior to his death than what was really needed to come in to pay for he owned plus taxes. Only thing he was guilty of is not being ontop of & good with his own management & accounting Good luck getting money from anything he once owned.

  • I still believe that Mike did do it, however his music side was amazing, the jacksons will be ruined if it ever comes out so they all going to say its false, maybe they really didnt know this side of Mike. Its not like he'd go around letting his family know he likes little white boys.

  • The younger generation of Jackson's are literally taking their fathers, aunts and uncles by the hand in defending their uncle! Respect! 💯❤❤❤

  • Why what a load of BS. Is this journalism? They are not going to mention how the accuser’s case were thrown out because of inconsistency to their stories? How the FBI did a ten year investigation and found NOTHING? Wow wow wow. It’s so obvious that the media has a hidden agenda against Michael if they are not even going to do real research on this case beyond a biased documentary. What a load of BS. it’s all about emotions. No facts.

  • It's funny watching these money hungry brothers saying everyone wants MJ money just like they DO !!!!!!!! They really didn't know Michael the last 30 years he did not visit his family Michael only seen them when he wrote them checks for a new car or house don't forget Randy sued his own brother for over a million dollars which Michael paid him…and don't forget in 1993 when Michael could have fought off Jordan for molesting charges Michael choose to pay him off so this junk about wade and James waited until Michael dies is garbage…….MICHAEL molested wade ..james…jordan….gavin…and many more boys he paid off and got gag orders on so now They can't talk about it.. But Latoya knows Michael was a pedophile she took it to the news and other tv programs she should know because she is Michaels older sister……and was around him and it !!

  • I think michael is guilty just look at his record…..he had many but 4 personal boys took him to court……Help protect those who speak up about rape, Michael is not above the LAW… Give them there day in court !!!! Wade and James are not lying !!!!!MJ is guilty

  • It makes you so mad when they were in court 2 men lied so now people are running Michael Jackson down the 2 men told lies in court so now they should be punished for making up lies

  • I am sad and sickened that Michaels family have to go through this crap again and again. Leave them alone and let Michael rest in peace. I have loved you since I was 12 years old Michael some 48 years and I always will. Polly. Cardiff South Wales UK xx

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