Kicking off the Metro Kingdom quiz and gift Moon sequence is simply a case of talking to Pauline out front of the City Hall building at ground level. However, not all of her questions are easy, so you can find yourself going around in circles a little and then there’s the gift to find at the end of it all, so it can be a little tricky to complete. You can follow along with our latest Super Mario Odyssey walkthrough video to see enough answers to the questions to get you through, plus the location of the birthday gift you need to get the Moon from Pauline.

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If you haven’t already completed the main objectives in Metro Kingdom, you can check out our introductory walkthrough at It doesn’t show you how to get quiz and gift Moon, as we hadn’t gone back to talk to talk to Pauline after the initial run through, but it does show you how to get the city back up and running again and to pick up the Power Moons you need to fire up the Odyssey. You can also check out our boss walkthrough at to see how to defeat the robot centipede on City Hall.

Once you’ve talked to Pauline in front of City Hall, she’ll hit you up with her quiz, which will require you to three questions correctly in a row. There are more than enough right answers in our video to see you through comfortably and then once you’ve passed her test, she’ll drop a load of hints about it being her birthday and liking presents. From here, you’ll need to go and hunt down a gift for her and while there are a few things to confound you, the right item is located just over the gap from the Heliport. Pick up the bag and take it to Pauline to complete the sequence

This will give you the quiz and gift Moon from Pauline, which is “A Request from the Mayor”.

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