A collection of songs that did not make the reissues but were good enough quality for release.

Band: Led Zeppelin
Album: The Lost Album
Released: 2017
Genre: Classic Rock

01.Autumn Lake 00:00
02.C’mon Everybody 00:51
03.It’ll Be Me (With Mick Ralphs) 03:20
04.I Gotta Move 07:21
05.Swan Song 10:27
06.Pipes And Flamenco 15:07
07.Long Tall Sally Medley 20:11
08.Georgia On My Mind 23:57
09.Nut Rocker 25:17
10.Feel So Bad, Fixing To Die, That’s Alright Mama 27:20

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I do not own any rights!


led zeppelin
led zeppelin lost album
stairway to heaven
immigrant song
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