Formed in the Dominican Republic in 2001 and based out of Chicago since 2008, La Armada has carved out a name for themselves locally and nationally with their explosive live show and two US releases.

Their music showcases their skill and their identity. With their latest full length, 2018’s “Anti-Colonial Vol. 1”, La Armada has crafted a unique style of crossover—a blend of punk, hardcore, metal and rhythms native to their island. The songs come with a message, an invitation to stand up against the oppression and corruption found in their native and adoptive countries. With the new album and an appetite for shows, La Armada will be bringing Latino hardcore fury to stages everywhere.

With extensive touring and festival invites around the world along side of legendary bands like Propagandhi, Death by Stereo, A Wilhelm Scream & Belvedere (to name a few) the last few years have been a testament to their dedication to expose their craft and unique style of shredding!

The Album will be available Digitally and on Vinyl Feb 28th on Bird Attack Records

Upcoming tours March 1 – 14th Supporting Propagandhi.


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  • Yes hi, I’d like to request some punk that is not fuckin retarded leftist virtue signaling hive mind collectivist bullshit. Thanks!

    Allout Helter is sick as fuck, but then I gotta sit through the obligatory “fuck all police” and “I apologize for my ‘white privilege’” songs. ( same with Mute, weakness!)

    All those euro skate punk bands shred but their accents are shitty and they are all disempowered leftists and I suggest their victim mentality negatively effects their choices in chord progressions.

    Red pill a few of these bitches and tell them to create something unique and powerful.

    Do some DMT or better yet wake the fuck up and get your pineal gland firing that endogenous DMT

    Take yourself out of all collectivist paradigms and tap directly into your own power as an individual

    Then maybe we’ll get the next “Career Suicide” level album

    Take a note from The Heartsounds, that is top notch

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