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  • I am really very happy to see you making a video on this mobile game. Even if i slowed down on my playing time because i prioritized others, King's Raid amply deserves to be better known. There is a magnificent job done on this game. The opening created with each new big update are all more magnificent than the others. Even simple gameplay is more edgy than some games and not all auto fights are auto as you have to manage the timing of certain skills well sometimes. In short even if you make this video because sponsored, I am still delighted to see that some people will discover this amazing game !
    Seria is my favorite :3
    BTW, Hilda's story is so BIP*spoiler*BIP that i cry T.T

  • For those of you who want to start as f2p as possible: If you want to build a phys team, pick up pansirone as your main dps. If you want to build a magic team, either pick up Xerah or Hilda(since she should be free still), then you pick Kaulah or Lorraine from the 2* ticket(Kaulah always on phys, imo, and Lorraine can be picked but imo is worse than Kaulah. Having two healers increases your safety by a TON.), you next get your tanks nd you can now roll for uw/uts for your core four(you can replace Frey as well if you want to for Evan on phys or Annette on mag). When you get to chapter 9 you add Clause back in as your secondary tank as well as Frey in, to make six. Hope that helps any new players! (Just remember to stick to either phys or amg mostly. You can replace Xerah wither or mag dps's but they're less safe. You can replace Pansi with other phys dps's, but they're all infikitely worse than her. Phys teams are dominated by pansi atm. You can maybe get by with a Zafir or Cecilia. Chase can also work. Magic teams are more flexible in terms of your dps than phys. You can replace main magic dps with almost any dps,but just 1)
    Mind you:Lorraine as main dps also works,she's really good. I don't use her,but she needs a specific ut to main dps, if she has that she's set. I think it might be ut4,correct me if I'm wrong)

  • Much better than Epic Seven’s gear RNG. E7 gear rng makes me rage quit. Spend all your stamina grinding for hours and then you try to craft some gear that uses all your gold and resources from which you might get one or two decent looking pieces. But . . . then there’s another layer of rng when you spend even more gold to enhance the gear. In Kings Raid, you can reforge, the stats on your gear, reducing a lot of rng. And when you upgrade, it always goes to max. So nice.

  • just a general overview for anyone trying to get into this game:

    it's a pretty f2p friendly game where, like sinoalice, you summon for weapons, but the catch here being that they are weapons that can only be equipped to a specific character and are called Unique Weapons. they also have 4 Unique Treasures that directly augment one of their 4 skills, with all of them being tailor fit to the hero its made for.

    The game is extremely generous with multiple ways to aquire unique weapons/treasure selector tickets which allow you to get exactly the gear you want, as well as you can directly buy any hero that you want from the store with the mountains of premium currency the game throws at you over the course of you playing. alternatively you can get whatever hero you want for free from the hero's inn without paying a single ruby and just waiting for 18 or so days, which can indeed sound like a long time but better a way to get any hero u want completely for free than to not have any form of guaranteed feature at all. now I will say there are some features that are p2w but can be circumvented within a reasonable amount of time if you're making use of all the free stuff/events properly, with the p2w appearing in pvp mostly which is understandable, and competitive scoring such as world boss. but all content is clearable without spending anything and you don't have to slave away at the game to reach those points. in pretty much all content, you don't have to spend a dime to get to a comfortable spot in the game and if anything game knowledge carries harder than a credit card for the majority of the time playing.

    one downside is that the game has some really bad tutorials and the chat can lean more on the trollish side, but the unofficial discord is very helpful and in game there are many players that will legitimately help a player who needs questions answered. the artstyle is nice, the story is actually pretty decent(at least further on, the game shows its age in the earlier chapters but gets exceptionally better as you progress), and overall its a nice game.

    this is coming from someone who has multiple accounts in the game and all of them have hit high master tier in pvp with 1 of them(being my main) in challenger which is the current highest rank. with a good 90% of them not having a single cent dropped into them. also if you do decide to spend money some of the packages have absolutely amazing value to make it worth your time(though they do certainly also have their fair share of bad ones lol)

    on a side note gearing is a lot more welcoming than epic seven overall once you know what stats do what. there's multiple ways of crafting the gear that you want and reforging is available from the get go.

    all in all, the game is good, i'd give it a 7.5-8.5/10 depending on the content, but the game needs quite a bit of learning to actually progress. team composition is super important in here and can be the difference between getting clapped or steamrolling through content, as well as gear of course!

  • Advice from someone that does not claim to be an expert:
    This game is really complex…
    The gear rng is centered on getting substats (you can always max the substat through enhancement)
    You will eventually get all the heroes(Rubies in the shop or 1/month at the inn), the hard part is gearing/transcending/awakening the weapons+soul weapons for full teams of 9 at a time. (This is mitigated by Party play and Multiplayer Raids)
    Their costumes and cosmetics are fantastic, they really let you customize.

  • Mango

    Those healers are not for healing purpose.

    Lavril is more to dmg boosting , more to support role.
    While Shea is usable but needed a lot of investment like her 3* Unique Weapon for her to be stable at least.
    I'd say for magic team , best healer would be Laias for general content. There are specific units for specific contents and rarely they are good everywhere.

    I dunno about new stuffs in King's Raid due to I drop it somewhere around the release of Dark Knight Kasel and Shadow Frey(idk what they were called)

    Hope this helps.
    Veteran raiders can correct me cause my opinion might be outdated

  • I've tried this game several times before. I think it seems really cool, but it's been around for a while so it's a lot to catch up on and seems confusing to me. So I never got super in to it. >.< Watching your video made me tempted to try it again… xD

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