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This video is inspired by the ‘Mirzapur’ web series. If you haven’t seen that web series, then you might not able to understand this video. This video is special for all of those who love watching Mirzapur.

Kaleen Bhaiya & Compounder – Vipul Raturi
Munna Bhaiya – Himanshu Prabhakar
Maqbool – Sam Pokhriyal
Guddu – Bhasker Sajwan
Bablu – Nitin Gharia
Shukla Ji – Ritanshu Prabhakar
Sweety – Mansi Verma
Guy – Ishpreet Singh

Written By – Himanshu Prabhakar
DOP – Nikhil Goswami & Ranjit
Edited By – Ritanshu Prabhakar

Special thanks to Nirmal and Gautam Sonkar

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