A bathroom in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia. November 2011 at 2:30am My bad back wouldn’t let me sleep so I ran a hot bath to relax & read news updates from my smartphone. A small but feisty Huntsman Spider came too close to me so I stood up in the bath and started recording my effort at shooing it away. It jumped at me and it landed in the hot bath! As it jumped at me I screamed and also fell into the bath – keeping the smartphone dry and pointed at the spider. I feel very sorry for the spider, as I never intended to hurt it. I Hope you get a good laugh at my expense. It’s not the biggest Huntsman Spider I’ve ever encountered. On another occasion we were staying in a cabin in a banana plantation. There was a very large Huntsman Spider (as big as my face) on the ceiling above us. I wasn’t particularly concerned about it, however about one minute after we turned out the lights and went to bed I heard a “thud” on my pillow. I very quickly turned on the light and discovered that the spider had landed next to my face. Now THAT was scary! LOL.


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