Does 5G cause Coronavirus ? Is the new COVID-19 Virus caused by mmwave radiation ? Does 5G heave negative health effects ? Does 5G change the DNA ? In the last days i have seen more people commenting about these theories on my 5G videos and here is the full truth about these coronavirus news..
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Keri Hilson, an American singer with 4.2 million followers on Twitter, on Sunday sent several tweets that attempted to link the coronavirus to 5G. She wrote: “People have been trying to warn us about 5G for YEARS. Petitions, organizations, studies…what we’re going thru is the affects [sic] of radiation. 5G launched in CHINA. Nov 1, 2019. People dropped dead.”……

This is already proven as FAKENEWS. Please help to stop #fakenews by sharing this video. Instead of “Stop 5G” stop fakenews!

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  • 5g works in conjunction with S.A.I and H.A.A.R.P. Homo Sapiens sapiens are being phased out as they are being viewed by A.I (church of satan) as just a catalyst for the humane beings that inhabits the flesh. This can also be viewed from a “my body is the temple of god”, view…satan did vow to destroy the temple;-). Weird times we live in.

    So many different theories and unveiling’s. I myself am keeping the passion alive with good my friend Jesus. He’s been questioning authorities”, on planet earth and in the universe for quite a while now so I’d say he has some experience. Without overthinking life’s issues and chasing my tail. He’s the “occam’s razor”, for me. Check him out he’s a rockstar! Stay safe everyone!

  • Numerous studies (2011-2017) report an increased risk of brain cancer due to the use of mobile phones Concern for other cancers: breast (male and female), testis, leukemia, thyroid and much more. current classification of radio frequencies as carcinogenic to humans (Class 2B) should be updated to carcinogenic to humans
    Many claim that this is not true at all or that there is no evidence just to progress in the construction of radio transmitters!
    And the 5 g accelerates all of this.
    One piece of advice I would like to give you is to equip yourself with devices that protect against electromagnetic waves, such as AiresTech products, from AMERICAN AIRES, which in my opinion are among the best on the market
    5g is part of progress, it is right to progress but why not protect yourself?

  • Have you experience symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, poor memory, difficulty sleeping, and lack of clarity in your thoughts? It may seem that these could be the results of day-to-day stress and busyness, but there may be another culprit. All of these are symptoms of electro-sensitivity, which is something more and more people are finding themselves affected by. Studies done in 1997 have found “less than a few cases (of electro-sensitivity) per million”, however now as much as 2.5% of the population find themselves affected by electro-sensitivity. Even by most moderate calculations, electro-sensitivity is 1,000 times more common now than it was 20 years ago. Why could this be?

    Electro-sensitivity and its symptoms seem to be triggered by certain microwave frequencies of electromagnetic radiation. Microwaves are frequently used in electronics for the purposes of communication between devices. Due to their high frequency, microwaves allow for higher transmission rates and small antenna sizes, which is perfect for high-tech devices that are constantly getting smaller and faster. These are devices such as cell phones, tablets, laptops, and any devices able to connect to Wi-Fi, which can now include TVs and refrigerators. AiresTech products can help protect you from this, independently tested and functioning

  • Thanks for doing videos like this. Although the US Military does have microwave 5 Gigahertz weapons (not 5th Generation cell network), they are totally different. Monetization of videos gets people to make insane claims on YouTube, just for views, not thinking of the impact the lies and negativity have on society.

  • 5g damages cells, releases exosomes, testkits detect them as positive. No wonder they're rolling out it when we are in lockdowns.

    Who test the testkits?

    When they claim that 5g with coronavirus is a fake news they tell "There are some conspiracy fake news that radiations transmit virus" skipping all the details and the causal chain.

    They don't mark the fact that teskits are checking for exosomes that can be released by dead cells that are triggered by 5g and masks.

    Who checks the fact checkers? What's true news? BBC? British Brainwashing Company?

  • I am from India no 5G here also only 38 countries have 5G technology what about rest of remaining 170-180 countries where coronavirus worldometer showing patient so also how china has no patient nearly though have 5G technology in use. India worst affected now how it is possible where even 4G technology not functioning properly also long time ahead to adapt and implement 5G technology so clear cut no relationship of coronavirus with 5G technology.Real Indian smart thinking

  • You are brainwashed by the news medias no it is not the cause of corona virus but it gives the same symptoms so some has claimed that corona virus is part of a coverup for that for the big tech companies. At the same time they can get the economy breakdown as they tried to do by themseves for years so the NWO can get the CROWN.

  • You are full of crap with this video.
    5 g causes all illnesses after heating the meal powders planes have sprayed for years.
    Do you work for government.

  • let’s explain why this “pandemic” attack on the human race is centered on 5G by quoting a reader comment based on the work of three Nobel Prize-winning doctors::
    “5G electromagnetic radiation injures human cellular DNA. The exposed cells (of all kinds within the human target) respond by producing a cascade of immunological protective substances. These substances are packaged in an intracellular structure called an endosome. The endosome is expelled from the cell, becoming an exosome.


    5G is technology. A virus is a pathogen/organism. How could radiation manifest a tangible organism? Thats Star Trek style teleportation?!?

    5G is the cause of the widespread cellular breakdown, DNA damage and all of the symptoms attributed to "Coronavirus"

    There may or may not even be a virus at all. No virus has been isolated or cultured per se and the Covid tests only identify the presence of broken down snippets of DNA/RNA which dont prove anything, only that the body has suffered damage and released exosomes as a result.

    All microwaves (1G, 2G, 3G,4G) cause damage INCLUDING so called harmless radiowaves! We are blasting ourselves. 5G has even scarier operating parameters and uses a different technology altogether…phased arrae antennae!

  • This guy is a moron, I have done substantial research and he is completely wrong, I am also a system engineer so whos word do you want to take for it, 5G is bad news people in every way. But it's even worse than what you think I am observing now that they are putting 5G nodes up in specific areas such as retirement complexes because you know retired old folks need very fast internet. people please observe these towers they are small and see if they are in your town your area look for them when your driving, look up 5g towers in google so you know what they look like. As for this guy he's fallen asleep at the wheel literally don't listen to a word he is saying!

  • Non-ionizing radiation can be very stressful on the body. It is like constantly pulling an elastic band to its limit until it breaks apart. "The people in the industry" say it is not harmful but many "experts" say it is harmful over time because of the constant pressure it has on the body. So, it is the repeated exposure to 5G that is dangerous. There is no way 5G is completely safe. I don't believe it for a second.Here is an expert on 5G

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