Reviewing songs off Graveyard shift and my thoughts on one of their latest music videos.

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  • Good review. I did not like this band at all before this album. I finally gave in and decided to listen and I was surprised that I liked most of these songs. I then dove into their other albums and I like those as well too! Definitely another really good band to add my music playlists and stuff. Just Subscribed to your channel!

  • Holy shit I didn't realize you did a YouTube thing as well (you probably don't remember but Lichcontract here). Also didn't realize you're very American ahaha

    Overall I think it's probably their most solid album yet. They wear their influences a little more subtly (but it still shows and I love it) while also stepping up their game with their whole theme. The best songs for me were 1. Hourglass 2. Soft 3. Necessary Evil (I'm biased AF cos I love J Davis' voice) 4. Not my type (fucking love that type of NBC instrumentation) 5. Tied between Voices (Linkin Park vibes) and The Ladder.

    In the end my ranking would put this as their number 1 album.

  • Motionless In White is my Favorite Band of all time and Break The Cycle , hourglass , 570 are my three favorite songs from Motionless In White I'm a huge fan of Motionless In White I been a fan of Motionless In White for 4 years

  • why wouldnt u talk about "soft" i thought that was a creatures vibe that i love. n whats ur rank of their albums? for me its 1. creatures 2. infamous 3. gradeyard shift 4. reincarnate

  • great review much appreciated i also love this album but not as much as the band its self but with this album i will agree with you im in the middle as well but you know opinions are like assholes everyone"s got one anyways love the video great work and i have to say you earned my subscription 🙂 MIW forever

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