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  • Bethesda what are you doing!!

    No one is going to buy a digital only version since they already have it on other platforms. This in turn will discourage Bethesda from porting other games

  • Hey Rob! I think it's good to be ranty every now and then, especially whenever frustrating news surface and they are not properly delivered. Keep it up! (your videos, not necessarily the rantness) Cheers!

  • I wish Nintendo could make their console more powerful like the ps5 so they can have great third party support. In my opinion the GameCube is still the best Nintendo console and that’s only because of the original Re 2 and 3, also Def jam vendetta and Fight for ny. A few games even look better on the GameCube than the ps2

  • one of my modest goals this year was to purchase doom eternal physically for my switch. not gonna lie,im pretty disappointed. im not going to purchase this game digitally. also,bethesda need to work on their customer relations skillset. my opinion only.

  • It’s understandable about how frustrating Bethesda did about clarify the news they should tell people as soon as possible but assume that they annoy to answering questions to me is not a bit overthinking of things in my opinion mostly PR in gaming industry is not the developer and planner I bet the higher up didn’t inform them before and make the situation even worse for PR guy who didn’t know about the physical cancellation until the later time and that make make you frustrating already.

    I understand that people want a physical more than digital (me too want a physical) I also play and beat it on PC but still I want to double dipping not just because that I want the portable version I also want to support the developer to port good 3rd party to the Switch in the future.
    I may not agree about that you (sound like) want to support but must have physical only, to me is a bit extreme (because I think you never mention about it before that if no physical no buy or you mention but my bad) but understandable but if in the future they didn’t have support Switch version in the future I don’t think in the future you have the right to complain on them have no support on Switch or they support in cloud version because they try but you still didn’t support them anyway like Control game Cloud edition on Switch even they put their effort make a digital for offline player but no one care to buy to me it not wrong to do that but in the future make news or opinion about this company or that company didn’t care to support Switch to me feel like people have double standard even PC guy also don’t have physical but they still support the game.
    That my opinion on the matter.

  • How can you put "Cancelled" and "digital only" both in the title of the video? If it's cancelled, then that means its not coming out at all. Unravel 2 was digital only, so does that mean it got "cancelled" as well?

  • I'm digital only anyway but that response was bad. The way I read it I thought it was saying because pre-orders were canceled that now it would be digital only. And that would have been really bad but I guess I just miss-read it.

  • Great video Rob.

    Is Doom Eternal gonna be Straight Digital Release or now the Cloud Edition guys ??

    Bethesda/idsoftware should have put that Statement out way before any Pre-orders were Cancelled.

    I was the same as Rob guys, I was gonna double dip no sweat but yh I'll wait for it too go very Cheap now before Picking it up on the Switch, which is a real shame because I am or was so Pumped too check it out on the Switch, considering the first Doom was a fantastic Physical Port.

    I know Bethesda has been Brought Out by Microsoft but I still think they should Fully Honour any Agreements of Games going too other systems including Retail Versions as well as Digital.

  • I wouldn't be surprised if Panic Button was trying to do a Doom 2016 with the campaign on the 32gig cart and multiplayer separate download but Bethesda didn't want to pay for the cost

  • F*ck it. I was waiting so long to play it, but no way I’m paying money for this. Can’t keep supporting Bethesda’s crappy attitude when we’re still asked for full 60$.

  • Nah… I'm good. I know some might say "Well at least we're getting it digitally" but that's exactly the attitude they want you to have. I'll just pass altogether. Tons of other games on Switch that released physically for me to play & for me to show my support for.

  • I'm still buying it because the switch is the only console I have, but it blows my mind that bethesda hasn't given any announcements month after month. We still don't have a release date and haven't seen any screenshots or gameplay.

  • I do understand we are heading into a all digital future but I was really banking on getting Doom external physical from amazon, just the thought process of living in a age where it's actually possible to play full fledged triple A games on a handheld hybrid device, the fact of being able to do this really makes the switch a unique device for me for sure. Having all that experience on a small cartridge really matters.

  • This is freaking horrible that these people who are handling the Nintendo Switch version can't even release this game on physical form but only on Digital release come on give me a break here!

  • I agree. I was excited for this but all that excitement has vanished at the announcement of it being digital only. And I don't really play my PS4 much anymore (games are just more exciting to me when I can play them on Switch) so I likely won't ever play the game now thanks to this.

  • Get used to it boys. We are in the era of digital gaming now and all these companies will be cancelling and releasing digital only. Once this happens, I’m out and done with gaming. I’m even worried my os5 disc console is gonna be useless because the developers will end up not even using it shortly. RIP physical media and gaming in general. No Physical, no buy from me. Good thing I own it on ps4

  • I'm done buying digital only titles. 2021 I see a big emphasis on them pushing real hard to put digital only titles & if a there is a collection edition of a game we might start seeing what Nin is doing for like Fire Emblem where the game is digital & a much higher price. I was hoping Nin & 3rdP would be using the 64GB carts to start bringing over huge titles but looks like that is a lie as both sides are not even going to use it.

    2021 we might never go back to the good old days of physical.

  • This sucks, but I’m okay with it because I got the first one digitally on sale anyway. I’m glad it didn’t get outright cancelled.

    I kind of hope they worked on it and stylized it specifically for Switch so that it has great performance.

  • This kind of stuff is unacceptable. So tired of the smoke and mirrors. Announcing games then having multiple delays, releasing a half baked game, massive day 1 patches. Id rather speculate about a game coming out for a few years and have my mind blown and boom releasing in 3-6 months instead of announcing it years prior, numerous delays, nonexistent PR, and no communication with the fans.

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