A personal reckoning with a family, a murder, and the corrosive racial tensions that have carried from past to present. Coming soon to DVD and iTunes.



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  • Saw somebody made a movie about history. Obama sure has picked the scab long enough for everybody to just talk about this non-stop 24 hours a day I'm sure it's an engrossing film. Why don't we talk about black lives matter saying they want to kill white people get rid of the white people? Why don't we talk about Africa committing a genocide right now on white people and taking away the farm lands and the government and everybody running for government position says they want to kill all the white people. Don't want to talk about that we have to go with the little issue of the day that doesn't really exist anymore but we're pretending all the white people are racist. Of course black people aren't racist only the white people. Yeah I think I'll skip this movie. Why don't we talk about how many people the Muslim Brotherhood killed after a Barack Hussein Obama got them to take over the country of Egypt in 2012 I'm still trying to figure out if it's somewhere between 14 and 20000. You can't get the numbers cuz I don't want you to know about it it's all swept under the rug because Obama is so cool he's busy picking at the scab of America's racism let's bring it all back to the table and talk about it 24 hours a day. Why don't we make a movie about Muslims moving to America killing their daughters and Performing female genital mutilation and the Obama Administration doing nothing about it for 8 years. Now I'm going to be called a racist because I don't go along with everybody's agenda of festering on the history of racism so now I'm a racist because I won't join along with your crowd. This stuff is getting real old that's all I'm saying is other issues that are more threatening to humanity but let's just keep talking about the past to make ourselves feel good make ourselves feel virtuous because we are aware of it and keep talking about it non-stop 24/7. That's virtuosity I tell you LOL. Meanwhile go do nothing go help nobody do no volunteer work in bash the Christians whenever you get a chance don't volunteer don't go help animals don't go help old people don't go help the poor don't go help the starving just talk about the evil white Americans that will make a change. Change

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