The former child star and friend of the late pop star’s admitted watching ‘Leaving Neverland’ was ‘very painful’ for him.
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Corey Feldman: He Can ‘No Longer Defend Michael Jackson’ Amid ‘Horrendous’ Allegations | PeopleTV


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  • I appreciate Corey's courage. According to LeToya, who is 100% credible and had nothing to gain and a lot to lose from revealing the truth, Michael's mother enabled Joe to brutalize and abuse and terrorize all of his children and rape his own daughters. So sad that Michael's mother, according to LeToya, didn't have enough maternal instincts to nurture and protect them from being visciously brutalized by Joe,so obviously she had no compassion or concern for the little boys Michael allegedly raped. The parents of these little boys, Michael's mother and everyone else who knew (especially Michael's family who were all protecting their monetary empire and reputations as celeberities) are all complicit in Michael's alledged crimes. No grown man has little boys spend the night with him and sleep in his own bed and hold hands and cuddle with him, wake up and smell the coffee.

  • I think any body with an ounce of common sense can see that Micheal was innocent. Are you really going to tell me that any young man in his position of fame, wealth and power wouldn’t want to spend day after day climbing trees and pretending to be Peter Pan or locked in his bedroom alone with some cute little boys? Man y’all guys are acting like that’s weird but you guys are the weird ones for even thinking bad.

  • Heard enough of this .. it's a lamb to the slaughter…leave Michael Jackson alone .. Corey look at yourself in the mirror….and see your true reflection…. it's not nice is it..

  • Oh wow… Did he get his 10 million dollars??? Now HE can tell US THE TRUTH… Sure…
    Never trusted Corey after the 10 million demand…
    He's controlled opposition… He's part of the machine… If he was legit he WOULD HAVE AND WOULD BE NAMING NAMES… But here he is jumping on the bandwagon… Slaughtering A DEAD MAN!!!

  • Corey Feldman is a FUCKING FRAUD!! He's officially just looking for air time now!! He knows if he slanders Michael's name, he's back in the clear and can continue his 15mins of Fame he OBVIOUSLY missed. He's nothing but a puppet 😒

  • I hate that every single thing someone says has to be justified and apologized for. We really do live in a snowflake/ pc generation. Stick to your guns, people. Stop apologizing for having your own thoughts and expressing them. While I do think the allegations can’t go unnoticed, I believe M.J. is innocent.

  • So many of you all were so passionate and completely positive without a doubt in your hearts and minds of MJ's innocense, made me check into EVERYTHING about all the ppl, statements, background reports, im talking EVERYTHING!! I was convienced that Wade and James were being truthful, being that their stories followed a pattern of life events that coinside with true actual victims of sexual abuse.. One of the statements made by Wade's mother, Joy Robson, was: Michael Jackson would beg her not to have Wade work so hard and to let him have his childhood. She was extremely pushy, almosed obsessive with contacting MJ after a contest Wade won through a promotion for Pepsi sponsered by Target Stores… The winner got to meet Michael and go on stage (Wade filed a lawsuit not to long ago saying: 'The contest purpose was: so that Jackson could seek out boys for potential prey.' Wade filed it against EMI Entertainment who wasn't the contests sponser so he failed on getting millions for that one! *(one of his many lawsuits). There is SO much against Wade… James Safechuck has alot of issues and one of those is struggling about his sexuality.. James needed something orsomeone to blame it on and with the passing of Jackson and seeing Wade on television with the alleged sexual abuse allegations against MJ… He saw his scapegoat being Michael Jackson unable to defend himselves… It seems that they might have felt they were entitled to millions after knowing he paid 2 other boys all that money…

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