In this cell-phone footage, validated by AP, officials in hazmat suits forcibly evicting a man and a woman from their apartment, followed by a man resisting eviction and eventually being carried out in Kunshan, China, Monday, Feb. 3.


READ MORE: In the video, the people can be seen being dragged away by officials in protective suits.

Jiangsu Communication Broadcasting Station, an official provincial media outlet, on Wednesday published an article with photos of a woman and a man, who appeared to be wearing the same clothes as the people in the video, being questioned by local law enforcement officials in protective suits.

The article said the two, both using the family name Dong, had returned to their home in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, from Hubei Province, of which Wuhan is the capital and where the coronavirus epidemic has been the most severe.

According to the article, they traveled despite being required to quarantine themselves at home, and on Feb. 3 they were taken away by local epidemic prevention personnel.

Provinces and cities across China are requiring anybody who comes from Hubei province to self-quarantine for 14 days. Experts believe that’s how long it could take for symptoms to appear.

The death toll on mainland China from the coronavirus outbreak has now reached 811, surpassing the number of deaths caused by the SARS pandemic of 2002-03, Chinese officials said Sunday.

Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) is believed to have killed 774 people and sickened nearly 8,100 in China and the special administrative region of Hong Kong.

The commission reported that new coronavirus infection cases dropped Saturday for the first time since Feb. 1, to 2,656, for a total of 37,198.

Millions of people remain under lockdown in Hubei, the landlocked province at the center of the coronavirus outbreak where residents are complaining of food shortages.

Among the new fatalities are a U.S. citizen in Wuhan, China — the epicenter of the outbreak — officials at the American Embassy in Beijing said Saturday.

The embassy said that the 60-year-old American died Feb. 6. A Japanese citizen is also reported to have died in Wuhan of viral pneumonia, likely caused by the coronavirus, although that has not been confirmed.




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  • Its all pseudoscience. Either the virus is complete BS or its real but has little to no impact on us when we get it. Ive been close to two people that got it and ive been fine. Whose to say i didnt get it and recovered at home? Did yall do the math on the mortality rate? Did yall take the total number of cases and put that as the denominator and put the deaths as the numerator to find the percentage of people that actually die from the virus? Naw thats too much digging and research for yall. Yall would just ride with whatever mainstream media says. I worked for the CDC for 8 months during the pandemic. I just got two other work from home jobs this week. This shit is a joke. Look how all yall scared sheep wearing masks. And they making this stuff mandatory like wearing masks and taking vaccines.. That isnt scary to yall? That isnt a sign of the last days and mark of the beast? I feel this virus/vaccine is the mark of the beast amongst other things. Will you take the vaccine and receive the mark? Ill leave the country but you can imagine with this new world order one world government shit they got going that they gonna have all countries all over the world complying with the same safety precautions. One world government. Biden gonna ride this agenda out hard. Closing schools and making vaccines mandatory etc. Look at what they doing in new york. Im not a fan of trump or biden but do agree with some of trumps statements such as the coronavirus hoax stuff and biden pushing this coronavirus agenda to create fear and keep yall so scared to where youd do anything they say cuz you are too foolish to think for yourself. Youll go to the doctor for broken bone and theyll misdiagnose you just to help nbc and fox's reporting on case numbers. Its to further their agenda. There are videos with both patients and nurses saying they are misdiagnosing people with covid and even killing them from malpractice and still people still going to the hospital to be murdered for an agenda….thats what you call a sheep. Its people who get both postive and negative results from two different covid tests the same day. How does that work? Because their testing system is effedd up too. They dont even know what they looking for lol. My little brother cant even play sports this year in high school because they keep cancelling games and practice because someone got covid like wtf. They are trying to keep everyone scared, separated, poor, in need of government assistance, so we can all gravitate more to social media and technology like staying on our cell phones 24/7 becoming robots and slaves to technology and this will take away from the social norms we are used too. Imagine the next generation's way of life, cell phones will control our society if this keeps up. A baby will know how to download an Instagram app on their iphone before they even know what 1 plus 1 is. Playing outside will soon be an extinct thought. This is whats going on right now. They are trying to lessen human to human interaction to let technology be your source of entertainment and control when you are bored at home and depressed because you cant find a job due to covid. Some schools in georgia have students going to school everyday while others are virtually doing school. Imagine what this does to the parents who cant work from home like me. Imagine what this does to kids who want to do extracurricular activities. 2020 is the craziest year and biggest brainwashing of the world that ive ever seen in my life or ever came across in history. Never have i known an entire human population to comply with BS.

  • This family is probably killed, like a lot of other people in Wuhan. There were huge protests in Wuhan going on, just like in Hong Kong. Under the cover of Covid, the CCP committed a genocide. 20 million people stopped permanently using their mobile phone. You can not live without a phone in China, it's your credit card, your travel permit, your health check proof, your social score, and so on.
    49 extra mobile incenarators were placed in Wuhan to burn the huge amount of body's. The satellites measured an enormous cloud of burned biological waste….

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