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Alan Walker
Sabrina Carpenter

Concept by: Alexander Zarate Frez & MER Recordings
Directed by: Alexander Zarate Frez & Frederic Esnault
Executive Producer: MER Recordings

New York Unit
Director: Alexander Zarate Frez
Produced by: MER Recordings and Truls Teigen
Director of Photography: Reuben Kleiner
Photo: Hiroshi Hara
Production designer: Rachel McIntosh
Art director: Cale Hughes
Lighting Designer: Andreas Ohldieck
Hair and Make up: Giovanna Dal Bom and Jessica Flores

Seoul Unit
Director: Frederic Esnault
Director of Photography: Robert Egron Erstad

Florida Unit
Director: Jarand Herdal
Produced by: David Woon
Director of Photography: Brian Tang

LD: Andreas Ohldieck

Post production
Editor: Alexander Zarate Frez
VFX: ThunderCode
Additional VFX: Wirat Johansen
Grade: Alexander Zarate Frez

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