no screaming, just relaxing, sad, and beautiful songs from Twenty One Pilots. (Goner fades out before the “DON’T LET ME BE”, don’t worry lol).


two: 0:16
I need something: 3:20
hole In the ground: 5:00
drown: 8:46
anathema: 12:24
cancer (rain + empty arena): 15:24
tonight: 19:21
oh, ms believer (empty arena+ snow storm + fire crackling ambience): 23:19
before you start your day: 27:30
car radio (acoustic + rain): 31:23
we don’t believe what’s on tv (acoustic with rain): 34:49
goner: 37:48
hometown (piano version) [sleepers]: 40:48
truce: 44:45
whisper: 47:17

I hope this helped some of you whether you’re going through a hard time or just need some calming music in the background to help you study. I know most of you don’t know me very well, but if you’re going though a hard time, I’m always here for you all. ❤️

I have a twitter and a wattpad, or if you just want to talk here in the comment section that’s fine too 🙂

wattpad: @FaithMaio

twitter: @bluejyrus

so many of the songs from this band are just gorgeous, and I was inspired by other “relaxing twenty one pilots songs” videos, so I wanted to put together a video that might help people who need it, and to express my love for these songs and the happiness/peacefulness it gives me. I love their music, they’re so good at what they do. I haven’t been a fan of Tyler and Josh very long, but they sure are something wonderful ❤️

I love you all, and again, stay alive |-/


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